Parcel Consolidation – What It Is, Who Uses It and Why?

What is Parcel Consolidation?

Parcel consolidation is a service offered by parcel forwarding and mail forwarding companies. Parcel consolidation focuses on the act of unwrapping, unpacking and removing the items from a requesting customer’s multiple packages, as received by the parcel forwarding or mail forwarding company, and repackaging the items into a single parcel.

Why Parcel Consolidation? parcel UK 

You might wonder why a parcel forwarding customer or mail forwarding customer would request this service. There are several very good reasons for this: simplicity, eliminating excess packaging, getting all a customer’s items at the same time and most importantly, to save money.

Simplicity equates to having to keep track of only a single parcel versus multiple international forwarded parcels. It is much easier to track one international shipping parcel traveling enroute to than many. It is also less trouble in having to deal one time with Customs for global customer versus having to make several trips to pick up packages.

Eliminating excess packages means the forwarding customer does not have to get rid of a bunch of empty shipping boxes, styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, a web of sticky tape, marketing materials, foam and cardboard item holders and protectors. People are becoming more refuse conscious, with the world-wide green movement and only resort to recycling when they are confronted with unwanted excess.

Getting all a customer’s items at the same time is a problem when one is receiving multiple packages. Even if shipped at the same time, rarely ever do all those forwarded parcels come at the same time. This means the customer must keep their eyes out for those parcels over the course of days to weeks. Getting a single parcel means once you have received your items, you are not held hostage to incoming parcels.

The most motivating reason for why a parcel forwarding or mail forwarding customer orders parcel consolidation is to save money. Depending on how adept the parcel agent is at repackaging items, the size of items being bundled and how much packaging is eliminated, a customer can actually save up to 80% on shipping, whether that be stateside or international shipping costs. That can be a very significant saving if you are an international customer.



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